January 3, 2013

Resolutions for 2013

So, I'm not usually a "Make A Resolutions List" kinda gal, but I feel like this year there needs to be a change, and that hopefully a good one is coming. There's a few of my favorite blogs that are picking a "Word of the Year" and using that word to drive their actions this year. Check their blogs out over at: Shelley @ The House of Smiths and Becki @ WhippyCake

So my word of the year is "MOTIVATION" and yes, all in caps. Motivation for my work, my art, health and love. I'd like to run at least 2 5K races this year, be a much better blogger and actually get some followers on this damn thing, get a job that is much more fulfilling and challenging for my creative side, get back my creative-self that I feel has been pushed to the wayside after graduating college and having to be a grown up and finally really make myself get out of my comfort zone (of being alone) and connect with other people.

I was telling my best friend that on NYE I danced my way to the middle of the dance floor and danced for hours in a HUGE crowd of people. Ignoring all the jostling, drink spilling and random touching that I usually spaz out about. And I had an AMAZING time. I knew no one there, made friends, took photos, sweated my hair out from all the dancing and rang in the new year exactly how I wanted to... Laughing and smiling.

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  1. Hope your year has gotten off to a great start Ashley! You've got a beautiful blog!


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