January 3, 2013

Resolutions for 2013

So, I'm not usually a "Make A Resolutions List" kinda gal, but I feel like this year there needs to be a change, and that hopefully a good one is coming. There's a few of my favorite blogs that are picking a "Word of the Year" and using that word to drive their actions this year. Check their blogs out over at: Shelley @ The House of Smiths and Becki @ WhippyCake

So my word of the year is "MOTIVATION" and yes, all in caps. Motivation for my work, my art, health and love. I'd like to run at least 2 5K races this year, be a much better blogger and actually get some followers on this damn thing, get a job that is much more fulfilling and challenging for my creative side, get back my creative-self that I feel has been pushed to the wayside after graduating college and having to be a grown up and finally really make myself get out of my comfort zone (of being alone) and connect with other people.

I was telling my best friend that on NYE I danced my way to the middle of the dance floor and danced for hours in a HUGE crowd of people. Ignoring all the jostling, drink spilling and random touching that I usually spaz out about. And I had an AMAZING time. I knew no one there, made friends, took photos, sweated my hair out from all the dancing and rang in the new year exactly how I wanted to... Laughing and smiling.

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October 31, 2012

2012 - The Year of the Wedding Pt. Two

Minor recap... see the first 4 weddings I posted about (here)... Okay continuing on...

Candice & Jeffrey - September 7, 2012 (Alexandria, VA)
Holy cow... this is my big sister's wedding, and boy did we pull out all the stops for this wedding. We design, planned and got everything done in 60 days. Yay us! I'll be posting alot more of her wedding DIY's over the next few weeks. We didn't do a ton for this wedding, but getting it all done in 60 days was a little scary for us. lol. We went through a lot of wine, chinese food, late nights, and pretty much took over the whole dining room. I planned her bridal shower with a Breakfast at Tiffany's theme (per her request, we are both HUGE Audrey Hepburn fans) for her and my cousin Ronda (who got married a week after my sister). If I do say so, my sister was just jaw-droppingly gorgeous for her wedding. And her photographer Maya (Check out her work here) did a fantastic job of capturing it all. Candice's theme was "Happily Ever After"

Mom & Candice before

Mom, Candice & Me
Both my parents walked her down the aisle

Walking around after the ceremony
After we changed her dress... wearing her amazing Kay Adams necklace

best smile!!
Mr. & Mrs


Ronda & Bennie - September 15, 2012 (Annapolis, MD)
My sweet cousin Ronda got me through my sister's wedding and we got to turn around and get her through hers! I could fully appreciate her colors... they were Burgundy & Gold... HAIL TO THE REDSKINS! lol. Sorry. That wasn't her theme, it was "Love is Sweet" so there was a big candy bar/table. It was great.

Her brother Jorell walked her down the aisle

Mr. & Mrs.


Kelly & Jon Lawlor - September 22, 2012 (Fairfax, VA)
Okay, probably the cutest couple you will ever meet. Seriously, its ridiculous. Kelly is a classmate of mine from VCU and Jon is such a wonderful guy that we became friends as well. Jon is an amazing photographer and did he and Kelly's engagement shoot himself. He also was the first to post a photo of them after they were married! Kelly's dress was from Klienfelds in NYC, they even offered for her to be on the show! Sadly, she declined- but wow... her dress was a show stopper. I LOVED it! Their wedding was a beautiful Catholic ceremony followed by an amazing backyard tent reception, complete with lights and banners strung and hanging from the trees, fire pits for roasting marshmallows to make S'mores.. white pumpkins as the place card holders and the list literally could go on and on! They had the best first dance that I've ever seen, she told him "this dress looks amazing when I twirl... make it happen." so they twirled and danced and Jon even got twirled a couple times!

Just minutes after they said "I Do"

Typical Kelly face.. Love it!

Geez! Isn't she the most gorgeous thing?!

VCU Interior Design Class of 2008!!!

Me and the lovely new Mrs.

Such cute place cards!!


Danice & Elliott Bulls - Coming soon... December 15, 2012 (Mobile, AL)

October 30, 2012

2012 - The Year of the Wedding Pt. One

So this year I have dubbed "The Year of the Wedding"... I know 19 people that got married this year, another 7 that got engaged and have helped with 7 weddings this year... My "Inspiration" Board in my room is covered in save the dates, invites, directions to venues, programs, place cards, etc... It's been fun, but I am completely wedding'd out for the year. I have one more to attend in Dec for one of my lovely friends from Alabama... However, I've gotta jump back into planning since my Best Friend in the Whole Wide World (aka. Cherie) got engaged in August. YAYYY!!!!! I have a whole year for this one, so that's a relief!

Quick rundown & images from weddings this summer.... and good lord, I had to split this in two so this post isn't a mile long.

Laura & Benjamin - April 27, 2012 (Bethesda, MD)
I did the day of coordination for the lovely Laura & her hubby, with the help of another friend and La's brothers - we got everything set up and it pretty much went off without a hitch! Laura's mom was AHHHMAZING! Between her and Laura's dad - they had the best DIY stuff! I loved when her mom came to visit & brought a suitcase full of little wood rounds that La's dad cut for her. We did a crazy breakdown of everything at the end of the night and literally filled my crossover to the inside roof with everything! lol. Great night, great food and so much fun dancing!
the beautiful bride & her MOH

I now pronounce you Man & Wife

The Happy Couple


Elizabeth & Alex - May 19, 2012 (Richmond, VA)
This is my roommate from college that I posted about making her fascinator (here). This wedding was hilarious, minor dramatic events that all got smoothed out and I swear their first look almost had me in tears! I love these two, and couldn't be more excited about their marriage! (I mean heck, I waited 4 years for them to tie the knot after getting engaged!). For Liz's wedding she wanted pinwheels, and not just any pinwheels... 6 sided ones... so we got to tracing, cutting, grommeting and cursing.. I mean constructing. :) This amazing bride was a sculpture major who can pretty much make anything - and she used dried bamboo as the stems for the pinwheels. Insane lol. Her dress was amazing, which was so much fun to go shopping with her for too! I sent her over to Anthill Antiques to look for a blue brooch to finish of the look for her dress. And of course Kay & Judy had something perfect for her. Their amazing photographer was the one and only Andrea & her sweet husband Stephen here's their site.

First Look

They walked each other down the aisle :)
Vows... I love Alex's face :)
Kissy Kissy!!

Geez! aren't they sickening they are so cute?!

Here's the brooch from Anthill Antiques... a perfect addition to her outfit


Zack & Kelly - May 19, 2012
This is my best male friend, I've known him since we were in 6th grade I believe. And the worst day this year was when I found out his wedding was the same day as Liz's... 2 states away... starting at the EXACT same time. I made a choice to be a part of Liz & Alex's day because their wedding was so intimate (and also, I agreed to do the day of coordination before I knew they had the same date). Even though I missed out and had to stalk facebook for the photos, I couldn't be more thrilled for these two. Really, they are such an adorable couple.

These two are seriously hilarious :) love them.


Emily & Brandon  - June 1st
TinkerBell as I called her, was my neighbor when I moved to Alabama. I can't even begin to describe to you how much of a blessing she was to me. She introduced me to some great people who I am still friends with now even though I've moved back home, she came to my rescue after my car wreck, helped me when I couldn't do things after my accident, did my hair (since she's an amazing hair stylist) and all around was just a huge ray of sunshine in my life. I missed this wedding since it was down in Alabama, and I wasn't able to fly down- but again... she was stunning and Brandon was just as handsome as can be.


Click here for Part 2 of The Year of the Wedding

October 11, 2012

C&J Wedding Invite: Font Fun

My sister's invitations were so pretty, and I offered to do the calligraphy for the outside envelopes. Candice decided on a non-traditional/whimsical font which was fun to do. I also stamped & embossed the ring stamp on the seal on the back to add a little interest there.  Here's the final product.

My workspace

October 10, 2012

C&J Wedding: Next Day Invitations

Since my sister's wedding was very intimate (20 people total, including the bride and groom), my brother-in-law's mother wanted to do a big party for them the next day. Candice saw some really cute invites at Target... but they were like $30 for 10... and we had to send out 50. So, I told her I could re-create the design and save us a ton of money. Total the whole thing cost us: $30 for all 50.

We bought the cards & envelopes, I put it into InDesign, and printed away on my LaserJet printer. Then stamped the back with the "Happily Ever After" stamp we found which was perfect and used for everything possible. Candice was in charge of the ribbon placement & cutting while I stamped the ring stamp, embossed it with silver to make it pop and then cut them out. The last step was to mount them on the invites, so we used the foam tape and cut it down to the right size and Voila!! Easy!

Brother in Law was our cheerleader and our test subject on if they looked ok... "Do work!" - He was impressed with our skills!

October 9, 2012

Wooden Disney Dolls

My niece LiviBelle (Olivia), LOVES Disney Princesses... so when I saw this tutorial over at Lil Blue Boo by the amazing & inspiring Ashley (it's just coincidence we have the same name) - I knew it had to do it. So I made my own version. Not quite as cute as Ashley's... but enough that my niece loved them.

My big brother (Robbie) & my niece

Me and my LiviBelle
(L-R): Tiana, Jasmine, Ariel, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Belle, Cinderella, Pocahontas & Snow White

October 8, 2012

Coasters DIY

So one of my dear friends Amanda tends to move a lot, we laugh because we say we are Nomadic Kindred Spirits. She tends to move every 2 years (since high school or something like that), I have moved every year for 8 years straight...

As a house warming gift for her at-the-time "latest" move to Santa Barbara, CA; I wanted to do something fun to document all of her moves. I saw something on Pinterest (of course!) and just HAD to make it!

Finding an actual map of the U.S. that's big enough was a pain! Thankfully my dad had an old one in the garage that I cut up for this.

Here's the final product...

Just showing off the packaging I did - Lace wrapped coasters, textured envelope w/ teal ribbon wrap

Individual tiles from left top to bottom right: Santa Barbara, Miami, Raleigh, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Scottsdale & Richmond

I'm really pleased with how they turned out, but I think next time I'll do a thicker topcoat/sealer so that it has a shine.

This is from over a year ago (YIKES!) and she's now moving back East to NYC (sooooo excited!)... so I guess I need to add another coaster to her collection :)

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